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The New Year – A Great Time to Assess Your Team!

The start of the new year is the perfect time to take a critical look at your team and ask some important questions about your business and how to keep things moving forward. When it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees, what are some of the things you should be analyzing?

Here are some places to start:

1. Do you have the employees you need and are they in the right roles?

Do you have an employee who is great at sales but tends to be a jerk to his coworkers? Or perhaps you have a team member who is a charmer and does good work but is repeatedly absent. If you find that you have dead weight on your staff or a truly toxic employee, it’s important to be proactive in dealing with it. Ignoring these issues will not help your business grow. You may be understandably concerned about replacing them or worried because no one else knows how to do their job. But don’t hold back. One poor player can cause you to lose more than one great player.

2. People often leave jobs because of less-than-competent managers. Are your managers well-trained and fair?

Employees want to be treated in an equitable and consistent fashion. Employees most often leave jobs because they are unhappy with or don’t respect their manager.

3. Do you have a clear onboarding process for new employees? In other words, do your new people understand what is expected of them and how to accomplish what you need?

Employees want to know how to be successful in their roles. Setting performance expectations upfront and providing ongoing feedback is a formula for fostering a successful contribution to your company.

4. Do you conduct exit interviews to know why people leave?

People leave jobs for all kinds of reasons. While financial concerns can certainly be a factor, don’t assume that people are only leaving for more money. Your star employee may have decided to look for greener pastures because she wanted a less stressful environment. There may be problems within your organization that you’re not aware of that are impacting your culture. Culture can be the main attraction or the biggest deterrent to job satisfaction, and it’s important to remember that money is not always the primary driver in employment decisions.

In dealing with all of the above, it can be helpful to work with an outside team. MGMTinsight will assess your business to help you better understand what’s working well and what needs improvement. Our Needs Assessment, which digs into your culture, provides some initial fixes and works with you on a plan for improvement. A Needs Assessment is our best practice for servicing your human resources needs.

At MGMTinsight, we’re dedicated to helping you decrease your turnover and recruitment costs and increase employee efficiency.


We can help.

Contact us today for more information.

Remember, supervisory training for those who manage your employees is a good investment and is important to your business. We here at MGMTinsight can help. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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