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Assessing Your Needs for the New Year

A MGMTinsight Needs Assessment is a deep dive into what your employees think about your business and your company’s culture; what is going well, what is not working, and what they would change.

Not surprisingly, it’s a lot easier for folks to be honest with someone who doesn’t control their paycheck. The fact is most people actually like to talk about their workplace (and you would be amazed at the things people tell us).

A MGMTinsight Needs Assessment looks for opportunities to improve your business, quick wins that will show your employees that you are listening to them. Additionally, we identify the tougher issues and work with you to get plans in place to tackle them.

Here’s one example of how a needs assessment can help your company:

Bob was a long-term employee who knew the work well. He understood the history of the company and had grown with the business. He was also loud, obnoxious, and told horrible jokes that offended both clients and co-workers. People in the office describe him as “Oh, that’s just Bob.”

In our discussions with multiple employees, it became clear to us that Bob was not a respected member of the team. His actions didn’t bother some people, but others were very offended by him. Several employees had quit because interactions with Bob were just too stressful. No one had told management that Bob was the reason for their departure since he had been with the company forever and was “going nowhere.”

Employees told us that they assumed that the higher-ups knew that he was a problem. The widely held opinion was that either no one cared or that Bob seemed untouchable. Tolerating his bad behavior was just the price of working there.

Management didn’t fully realize how badly Bob behaved, because he was careful not to act out in front of them. Much of the turnover that this company experienced was due to a culture issue that had not been addressed.

Through the Needs Assessment conducted by the MGMTinsight team, we were able to pinpoint the issues with Bob’s conduct. We then worked with the company on ways to reset expectations on acceptable conduct and provide a coaching /development plan for Bob. Bob was faced with a choice: straighten up or move on. The other employees noticed the changes with Bob, and the atmosphere and culture drastically improved.

Consider having MGMTinsight conduct a Needs Assessment as part of your New Year’s fresh start.


We can help.

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Remember, supervisory training for those who manage your employees is a good investment and is important to your business. We here at MGMTinsight can help. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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