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At MGMTinsight, our business is your people. We’re passionate about providing focused, customized solutions to your unique employment challenges. Our goal is to partner with you to help create a culture that maximizes productivity and meets compliance requirements.
Whether it’s employment selection, retention, workplace law, interpersonal conflicts, sexual harassment, or other workplace issues, we have the experience and the expertise to help you build and sustain a positive, diverse workplace culture. Your company’s culture reinforces your commitment to equity and inclusion, while setting expectations for optimum productivity.
At MGMTinsight, we solve the day-to-day problems and operational issues that take you away from focusing on the work you love, helping you manage and improve your biggest investment – your staff. 

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Why Us

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Human Resources and Operational Support

You as a business owner have a multitude of responsibilities that occupy their time.  However, the reason that you started your business is to service your customers and generate revenue.


A service that we offer is to perform an initial assessment of your business and provide a report card of what is working well and what needs improvement.  A partnership with us will result in a decrease in management costs and improved employee efficiency.

We will work with you on the following:













If you do not have dedicated staff to advise and handle employee and compliance issues, let us help you.


  • Performance Expectations
  • Job Training and Feedback
  • New Hire Onboarding        


  • Culture
  • Teamwork
  • Cross-Training
  • Exit Interviews


  • Sexual Harassment
  • Compliance
  • Leadership Coaching


  • Handbooks
  • Job Descriptions
  • Competitive Pay
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Veronica Burns

Veronica Burns is a Chicago native.  She moved to Nashville in 1999. Veronica created an expert and influential Human Resource career in both cities.


For twelve years Veronica Burns headed core functions of the Human Resources Department for Vanderbilt University and Medical Center. Her role was instrumental in restructuring the department and Veronica assumed leadership of Employee Relations, Recruiting and Training. Veronica’s responsibilities were consistent with her strategic approach of developing a human

resources partnership and business relationships.


Veronica has held influential human resources leadership positions across healthcare, finance, academia and non-for-profits for such esteemed organizations as: Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, Northwestern University, Harris Bank/Bank of Montreal and the United Methodist Pension Fund.

Veronica Burns has a reputation as a problem-solver and a “go-to” professional. Her career has included coaching organizational leaders and guiding the success of many Human Resource professionals.

Karen Williams

Karen Williams is an attorney and experienced human resources professional with a deep appreciation and understanding of the rewards and struggles of running a small to medium size business.

Her career includes paralegal work at Bass, Berry & Sims and attorney positions at the Tennessee State Employees Association, the Department of Safety, and the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts. She then moved to Vanderbilt University's Human Resources division, followed by an HR position in Vanderbilt Medical Center’s Department of Pathology. After Vanderbilt, she took a leading human resources role at DCI Donor Services. These experiences provide Karen with expertise in working with professionals across industries.


Karen enjoys building strong teams and partnerships. She works on resolving conflict as she has done throughout her career.


Karen earned her Bachelor of Arts at Vanderbilt University and her law degree from the University of Georgia.  She is also a mediator (Rule 31 listed General Civil Mediator under the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee).

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Nashville, TN  37205

Tel: 615-266-4260

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